Acme is a check cashing service located in Elizabeth, NJ 07202. The Acme of Elizabeth New Jersey prides itself for our great, low-cost service.The staff working at the Elizabeth, NJ branch are professional, courteous, and knowledgeable. The Acme of Elizabeth New Jersey has been check cashing since 1971, and are known for the secure and safe environment they provide to all customers. The staff handling your checks and cash at the Elizabeth New Jersey branch are highly trained professionals.  Our customers’ needs are paramount to the staff at the Acme of Elizabeth New Jersey. The entire staff is fully committed to meeting those needs at the Elizabeth New Jersey branch.

Many of our customers report that our staff makes them feel safe and secure while handling their money. This kind of feedback is what we strive for. The Acme branch in Elizabeth New Jersey prides itself in providing the best check cashing service with a friendly staff and welcoming atmosphere. We can cash your checks immediately, and you will be able to walk away with your money quickly. At the Acme branch in Elizabeth, New Jersey, we also cash checks payable to your business and offer other services to meet your needs. 

No check is too large or too small for us, the Acme of Elizabeth New Jersey can meet your needs. At the Acme branch in Elizabeth New Jersey, our dedicated staff provides the best check cashing and financial services. The staff at our Elizabeth New Jersey Acme branch has our customers interests in mind when providing the various services Acme is known for. We stand by our mission to go above the expectations of our customers to create a professional environment. The Acme of Elizabeth NJ strives to make a big impact on the community by offering the best.

We work hard to be the best provider of check cashing services. People choose to come to the Acme of Elizabeth New Jersey because we offer confidential, convenient, and cost-effective services. We don’t hold your funds. Walk out with the cash that you need. We are open during convenient hours so you can cash your checks. We put cash in your hands when you need it. You can rely on the Acme of Elizabeth New Jersey to meet your financial needs. We are a friendly group of people here to service all of your check cashing needs.

If you are looking to cash your check at a cash checking service store located in Elizabeth, NJ, then, Acme Cash Checking will be happy to serve anyone in the Elizabeth, NJ area.

One of the best reasons to look for check cashing stores is because there is a lower obstacle of entry than compared to banks.

Many people living in Elizabeth, NJ belong to banks and probably do most of their financial business through a bank, many times, using a check cashing store in Elizabeth, NJ is more convenient, faster, and less expensive. These places are chosen because of all the great advantages offered by check cashing service centers. The Elizabeth, NJ community loves the convenience and easy accessibility of the many locations provided by check cashing locations in Elizabeth, NJ area.

Even consumers with checking accounts tend to use check cashing service centers because of the speed of receiving their funds. Some banks will hold a check for as long as 10 days before it can be cashed. Or, if a check is cashed using a checking account, the consumer may not access the whole amount without waiting for a period of time for the check to clear. When using Acme’s check cashing service in Elizabeth, NJ you do not have to wait for time to pass for your check to clear.

Using check cashing service locations like Acme Check Cashing centers, you can expect more transparency and even lower costs.  Also, check cashing customers may be at risk of having to pay bounced checked fees or late penalties when using banks. Where this is not the case when using check cashing services from Acme Check Cashing center in Elizabeth, NJ.

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ACME Check Cashing Service, INC
of Elizabeth, NJ

312 C Rahway Avenue
Elizabeth, NJ 07202

Phone: 908-354-4195
Fax: 908-354-4497

Monday - Wednesday:
8:30 a.m. to 5:30 p.m.

Thursday & Friday:
8:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m.

10:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m.

Sunday: Closed